McJunkin Gallery Circa 2002

This was the website for the McJunkin Gallery for a number of years. The content below is from the site's 2000-2006 archived pages.

The McJunkin Gallery is no longer open.

About the Gallery

Callen McJunkin has assisted individuals and businesses acquire museum quality fine art since 1983. Whether working directly with the finest regional artists to promote their works or her nationwide network of private dealers and galleries to locate works by a particular American master for a client, quality, value and integrity are never compromised.

The goal of the Callen McJunkin Gallery was to make fine art accessible by providing informed and informative, personable and professional assistance to their client. I first heard of Callen McJunkin when I enjoyed my first Downtown Charleston ArtWalk. Although the original concept was the brainchild of Callen McJunkin, who owned downtown galleries for years, as of now she no longer has a gallery in the Charleston downtown district. Without a doubt, Callen McJunkin has brought an artistic flair to the state of West Virginia. Aside from her own gallery and establishing the Downtown Charleston ArtWalk to enliven downtown Charleston and make art more accessible, Callen has lent her artistic expertise to the community by serving on the Sunrise Museum Board, Tamarack Advisory Board, the WV Commission on the Arts, FestivALL Steering Committee, Clay Center Advisory Board, Fund for the Arts Board and Kanawha Garden Club, and is a founding member and past president of the Clay Center Collector’s Club. She is also the former co-chair of the WV Committee to the National Museum of Women in the Arts, where her responsibilities included overseeing the exhibition of West Virginia Women Artists in Washington, and developing an educational program in WV for all ages to learn about women artists from 1300 to the present. In 2007, Callen received the Clay Center’s Kathe C. Payton “Spirit of Volunteerism” Award.

As I sit here writing about Callen McJunkin in a hotel room I'm concerned about my family's precious oriental rugs because my condo in Manhattan is being dealt with by a service focused on fast Persian rug cleaning Manhattan. Even after sustaining extensive damage after a hurricane, I am struck how charismatic Cukken was. She acted as a catalyst for so many artistic endeavors. The resurrection of this site is a tribute to this amazing woman. I met Cullen several times when I bought artwork from her gallery. A work each by Stan Sporny and Susan Petryszak which I bought at a 2002 show were in my NJ Home. Fortunately the water did not damage them since they were on the second floor although furniture and other household items, walls, and floors can become quickly saturated and damaged on the first floor. We didn't even attempt to do the clean up ourselves instead hiring professional to do the clean up and restoration job. I did rescue my Stan Sporny and Susan Petryszak paintings and other art pieces from the house. They are all stacked up here with me unless I can have them looked at for any damage. Meanwhile enjoy this nostalgic trip back when the McJunkin Gallery was still open in downtown Charleston.

In addition to representing works by West Virginia and regional artists and artisans, Callen McJunkin assisted her clients in acquiring works by such 20th century luminaries as Isabel Bishop, Louise Nevelson, Stuart Davis, Robert Motherwell, Helen Frankenthaler, Raphael Soyer, Nancy Graves, Pat Steir, Joan Mitchell, Richard Diebenkorn, Neil Welliver, Nell Blaine and Agnes Martin. Through the gallery's consulting services, Cullen assisted many in making sound and savvy acquisitions of works by virtually any notable contemporary or 20th century artist.


From The Sidelines: McJunkin Gallery has a reputation for the highest quality works of art. Think museum. And like all museums and galleries, that reputation is what validates everything they do, from valuations, to sales, to the curation of collections. Negative press is toxic. I worked at the High Tee when they came under that most horrifying problem caused entirely by Google's search. If you did a Google search back then for "High Tee" you might have seen the phony story about an antiquities fraud by the gallery owner. Because it's in Google's results, the damage is significant and fast. Buyers disappear. The owner frantically searches for help online, ending up with a list of reputation management services, all of whom marketed search results removal efforts. And all were unaffordable. He networked his way to connect with one of the secretive specialists who perform ethical search results removals exclusively. Also too expensive. The bad publicity definitely influenced decisions to shut down, even though it meant acknowledging that with the help of Google, the trolls had won. Regulate Google Now!


McJunkin Gallery Circa 2002

Gallery Philosophy - Making Fine Art Accessible

  • Art matters. Quality matters.
  • Art of quality must meet two simple tests: It must affect, and it must do so enduringly.
  • The goal of the Gallery is to make fine art accessible by providing informed and informative, personable and professional assistance to our clients and friends.
  • Whether you are a seasoned collector or are merely exploring the possibility of your first acquisition, we want to help you live with art


Callen McJunkin can assist you with a variety of art services, from the knowledgeable purchase of a single work to advising a discerning collector about a key work of art for a museum quality collection. We offer consulting advice in 20th century and Contemporary American works of art, as well as regional art, contemporary fine craft, art furniture, and portraiture.

The Gallery's dedication to quality and integrity also extends to the area of portraiture. We work with an organization that represents over 100 esteemed contemporary portrait artists working in all mediums. We welcome inquiries concerning family portraits, posthumous portraits, sculpture and replicas. We offer a complete service of portrait commission, follow-up, framing and shipping. We encourage you to contact the gallery for further information

Additionally, the gallery offers services and advice on archival framing, lighting, hanging and installation of works of art.

1509 Chafton Road

Charleston, West Virginia 25314


Wednesday - Friday 11am - 5pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm
Anytime by appointment


Beginning September 2002, Callen McJunkinGallery will be conducting art exhibitions at the gallery space within Kanawha Investment and Trust Company at Northgate Business Park. We are pleased in this first exhibition to present new works by gifted West Virginia artists Stan Sporny and Susan Petryszak.

Stan Sporny is a veteran award winner in over fifty exhibitions of his large scale and energetically painted landscapes and cityscapes. Sporny draws the viewer into the landscape with an arresting use of perspective, as well as a masterful and vivid application of oil paint. Sporny’s painting’s evidence a slick, muscular vigor. The thick treatment of the oil paint gives his pictures a palpable presence and allows the viewer to participate vicariously in the bravura brushstrokes of fluid color. The twelve large scale paintings are concerned with water; in particular the enigmatic qualities of translucency, transparency and perception. An exhibition of Sporny’s Water Series paintings travels to The Alexandria Museum of Art in Alexandria, LA in October, 2002.

A traveling exhibition of his paintings and two other artists will travel to North Carolina, Texas and Florida in the coming months.

Susan Petryszak is keenly interested in the optic processes of color. Richard Ressmeyer, Director of Arts, WV Division of Culture and History, recently wrote about Petryszak’s work for an exhibition in Columbus in March:

“. . . The marriage of chemistry, physics and love of paint provides viewers with a delicious combination of technical questions and visual rewards. Her background in biology offers some explanation for the subject matter of fruits and flowers, but more importantly supplies the scientific mentality to research the characteristics of pigment, suspension medium, and optical effects of under painting, glazes, and brushwork. Free from constraints of table, cloth and (often) containers, she creates abstracted spaces with suggestions of plane, texture, and moisture. The result is a caressing vision of the beauty and poetic connotations of every-day objects.”

Ms. Petryszak will exhibit her paintings in a solo exhibition in Japan in November.


Northgate Business Park is located off Greenbrier Street between the State Capitol Complex and Yeager Airport. From the State Capitol Complex, proceed on Greenbrier Street and turn left into Northgate onto Deitrick Boulevard. Follow for .6 of a mile and the gallery at Kanawha Investment and Trust Co. will be on your right. The Gallery is open during business hours, 8:30 – 4:30, M – F and by appointment.

Stanley Sporny

Stanley Sporny 
"Sassafras Mitten"
oil on linen / 36" x 60"

The Callen McJunkin Gallery is pleased to announce Stanley Sporny will be featured in a show opening in June of 2002. Stanley Sporny has described his work as, "Abstract Expressionism on a Realist framework". Juicy treatment of the oil paint gives his pictures a palpable presence, and allows the viewer to participate vicariously. Sporny holds a BFA from Philadelphia College of Art and an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania where he studied under the direction of Neil Welliver, Red Grooms, Alex Katz, Alice Neel, Elaine de Kooning, James Brooks, Paul Georges and Larry Poons. Sporny has taught at various universities, including The University of Pennsylvania, Louisiana State University, and the University of Arkansas. He is a veteran of more than 14 solo exhibitions, throughout the U.S. and has participated in more than 20 group shows, in which he won several awards. Currently he is professor of visual art at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. While working in West Virginia, Sporny recently received the coveted Governor's Prize at the Biennial West Virginia Juried Exhibition and the "Best of Show" award at the Allied Artist Juried Exhibition. He also took First Prize at the Members Juried Show at the Southeastern Conference of Art Colleges."


Charles Jupiter Hamilton

Charles Jupiter Hamilton creates highly expressive wood relief paintings, sculpture and prints that combine the vitality of contemporary art with rich and resonant figurative imagery. Known for his vivid colors, elaborate mosaic patterns and studied primitivism, Hamilton makes captivating images laced with unbridled enthusiasm that might seem almost child-like were it not for his sophisticated techniques and satirical humor. His thoughts are suspended in a teeming spectacle that seduces the eye, encouraging the viewer to search past the work's surface, beyond the intricacy of arabesque designs, to reveal images within images - mythological beasts, whimsical animals and animated figures.

The use of wood is central to his work. The wood is shaped and etched free-hand with a carpenter's router and then brightly painted in bursts of hot and cold colors. To use Charles Jupiter Hamilton's own words, his use of color, "goes immediately for the nervous system."

The work of Charles Hamilton has received warm recognition beyond West Virginia's border and has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Tampa and Washington,D.C. His works have won numerous purchase prizes and awards and are held in several museum and corporate collections including Sunrise Museum in Charleston, WV; Susquehanna Fine Art Museum in Harrisburg, PA; Thompson Cigar, Tampa FL; and Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA.

Charles Jupiter Hamilton was born in Princeton, New Jersey in 1948 and received his art training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His inspiration comes from American pop-culture cartoons and billboard advertising. He has also been influenced by traditional Appalachian wood carvings and renderings of gargoyles from European cathedrals.